How To Fix A Toilet Flapper That Won’t Go Down

How To Fix A Toilet Flapper That Won't Go Down

Lift the flapper and wipe the bottom of it, as well as the ring it seals onto, with a sponge. This can be done with water in the tank, but it would be easier to do and to see with the tank empty. Turn the valve supplying water to the toilet off, then flush the toilet if you'd prefer to do this with an empty tank.
First, turn off the water supply and drain the toilet. You can flush the toilet to get rid of the water in the tank. By doing so, you will be able to troubleshoot and inspect the flapper without having the toilet run continuously. The function of a toilet flapper is to stop water from draining.
An error occurred. Hold down the toilet handle to remove most of the water from the toilet tank. Remove the old flapper from the tabs on the overflow pipe and disconnect it from the toilet handle. Clean the flush valve seat with a sponge. Place the new flapper onto the taps of the overflow pipe.
Plumbing and Piping – Running toilet: flapper won't go down – I replaced. The air bubbles seem to be the problem, but don't know what causes it or how yo fix.
4 Reasons Your Toilet Won't Flush – and 4 Ways to Fix It!. help dislodge paper waste blocking the flushing action and allow it to move down the pipe.. Turn off the water and drain the tank before swapping the old flapper out for the new one, .
Keep scrolling after the jump to learn how to check and fix a toilet flapper.. the top off the tank of the toilet carefully and set it somewhere where it won't get broken.. When you push down on the flush handle the bar at the top lifts, pulling the .

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